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Time of Service Rates

*Please email me if interested in participation


Whiplash and other injuries resulting from car, bike or work related accidents require specific and specialized treatment. The expertise and care for this type of work is unique from a bodywork session. Services require a prescription in most cases, depending on the acuity and severity of your condition.  Treatment is individually tailored to address injuries and may include multiple therapeutic massage modalities.  This service includes initial evaluation, thorough assessment, range-of-motion testing, visual and palpatory testing, clinical charting, ongoing assessment, and involves a team-based approach to case management in collaboration with your healthcare providers and case managers. If you plan to use health insurance or personal injury protection, we offer billing services for your convenience, at no additional cost. Rates based on units of 15 minutes.  Sessions can vary between 2 units and 6 units per session.  Please contact me in advance of your first appointment to complete the intake process.

**Please note that the prices above reflect a discount for self-pay at TIME OF SERVICE. This discount is available to all patients and insurance companies if paid at time of service.**

Accepted Forms of Payment:

-cash (preferred)

-debit/credit card



Trade/Barter:  Let's skip currency and trade resources directly. Send me an email!

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Under Construction. Please email me to schedule an appointment.

Please email me to schedule an appointment.

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