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My Bodywork Philosphy

Yoga Pose


Your body is meant to do more. Our relationship with pain is complicated. Sometimes a little bit of it can seem as big as the world. Sometimes a lot of it can be shoved deep down for another day. We can hide it behind an adjustment in our movement, a constant muscle contraction, a new bend in our gait, a slight of hand if you will. Our magnificent bodies can duck, dive and swerve to get us through life with almost any level of pain and our minds can change our baseline to accept the new normal. We become a living Jenga board with missing blocks, working to rebalance. I've met no one in my life that has avoided an injury to some part of their body. I've met very few who do not deal with chronic and quality of life impacting pain. My goal is to be your partner on a journey to no pain, less pain, confident balance, greater performance in work, home, competitive sports, and life in general. Our goal is a higher quality of life. I'm very passionate about this.


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